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    Bristol Student Lets
    37 Alma Vale Road
    BS8 2HL

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    0117 329 4961

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    0783 456 4368


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Maintenance Contacts

  • Emergency out of hours

    An emergency is something that could not have been foreseen, and which could cause risk to life or serious damage to the property. When there is an emergency, we ask you to log your request on FIXFLO in the normal way but also ring to speak with us directly (during office hours). Our FIXFLO system will automatically generate and send an e-mail through to us, and has some helpful information and videos for tenants to deal with issues themselves, whilst waiting for a contractor to attend.

    • If you smell gas or detect a gas leak – call the National Gas Emergency service on 0800 111 999
    • Loss of heating/hot water/electricity – check your boiler settings/fuse box, then contact your utilities provider in the first instance
    • Broken windows or doors following a break-in – phone 999 to report, then search for emergency glaziers online (Bristol Student Lets have good relationships with Roman Glass and Wessex Glass)
    • A water leak within the property – isolate the water supply by locating your stopcock

    Bristol Student Lets will always try to help you, but please bear in mind that most contractors don’t work 24-hours and if they do, the service may be limited (e.g. a plumber called to a leak on Saturday night will just advise you to turn off the stopcock until Monday morning).

    If you have locked yourself out your property outside of our office hours, you will need to either call a locksmith (at your expense) or wait until the next working day when we can attend. Please do bear in mind that if we attend and it is as a result of your inappropriate action you will incur costs.

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