Student Lettings Process

What you need to know and have ready before booking your viewing with us this year!

2023-24 Lettings Process

Please ensure you read this information prior to booking a viewing! We’re asking all our prospective tenants to have the relevant information ready to make the process of securing a new home as easy as possible!

Rest assured, we’re here to help you secure your home safely for the next academic year!

Once you’ve seen a property that you’re interested in, just get in touch via Right Move! We’re in the process of collecting video tours for our properties and if we have one for the one, you’re interested in we’ll send that through.

How to book a property viewing!

  • Step 1: Contact us via the Right Move link for the property. This way, we then have your contact name/phone number/e-mail address, and we can contact you reliably with the correct details
  • Step 2: Application Form, you will need to nominate a lead tenant who will be responsible for paying the quarterly rents in one single payment. This is their ONLY EXTRA RESPONSIBILITY, no other legal onus is placed upon them. Then everyone needs to click on this link to fill in our application: “Bristol Student Lets Tenant Application“. This will also be sent to you upon receipt of your enquiry via Right Move

During the viewing

We will confirm to you via e-mail your viewing appointment time. We conduct our viewings in slots, we will give you a 30-40 minute slot to attend and will conduct viewings on a 1 by 1 basis.

How to reserve a property following your viewing!

We will need the following from the whole group!

  • Step 3: An e-mail to from the LEAD TENANT, expressing your wish to take the property (title the e-mail in CAPITALS!). Within that e-mail, confirm you have filled in the application form & have the following documents available and ready to go, along with your deposits:
    – Copy of ALL Tenants Photo ID attached to that e-mail (accepted forms of ID; Passport or Driving License, provisional is fine too!)
    – Copy of ALL Guarantors Photo ID (accepted forms of ID; Passport or Driving License) and proof of address for the Guarantor (Utility bill dated within the last 3 months)
    – Overseas Students – If you do not have a UK based Guarantor please be aware that we will require the rent to be paid in two six monthly instalments or in some cases we will need the full 12 months’ rent in advance

We will then confirm the success (or not) of your application, at which point we’ll send a NEXT STEPS e-mail which you need to fully read.

If you are all happy to proceed, we will require you to complete all requested information and upload all documentation within 72 hours. You will all be sent a personalised tenancy agreement for you all to sign for your property. This will only be finalised by Bristol Student Lets once ALL DOCUMENTATION has been received.

Once we have received all the required information from everyone, we will send confirmation that the Property is now reserved for your group.

Once everything has been completed, we’ll be in touch closer to the time to arrange key collection!

What we need from you

  • Copy of your ID (accepted forms of ID; Passport or driving license)

  • Completed UK Guarantor Form (via DocuSign)

  • Copy of Guarantor ID (Photo ID) & Proof of their address (Utility Bill dated within the last 3 months)

  • Oversees Students – If you do not have a UK Guarantor please be aware that rent will need to be paid in two 6 monthly instalments or in some cases the full 12 months will be required in advance

  • Completed Student Information Request Form

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